A sizeable group enjoyed a trip around Larry Piper's premises on 9th October.

Around 40 cars entered the Autumn Colours run. It was a very good route.

Coffee was available at the start; The Lanes, West Coker and a roast lunch at the Quicksilver Mail, Yeovil. Unfortunately, heavy rain the night before caused a lot of water on the road and one flood, which only one member in a Range rover was able to cross. We all managed to find an alternative route and soon joined the route again. Les Thomas was presented with an honorary member award as it was his 90th birthday.  Thanks to Di and Eric Howes for organising it


We are looking forward to a lunch on Tuesday 9 November and Fish and Chips on the 12 November.Entries are coming in well for  the Xmas Meal.  

A provisional events diary has been prepared for 2022.

All details can be found on the events page.

Autumn colours 8.jpg