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Motor Sport Radio Link


Anyone wishing to go out on the following events

For more information, please contact their co-ordinator, Eric Stone Tel: 01460 61224

This dedicated group of people is very important to the running of Motor Sport. If you join them, you will get a front line seat for spectating in rallies.

It's not easy to lose a car at a small venue, but in the vastness of a Welsh forest, it is very easy to see how a car could disappear. If a car has crashed, it is vital to know at once where it is, so that medical and recovery crews can act.

Yeovil Car Club Motorsport Radio Link is another very active area of the club. The group began supporting rallying over 20 years ago through the RAC, who, at that time, controlled Motor Sport in this country.moniter a competitor's progress through the stages of a rally, so that no car is out of touch, or unseen, for any length of time.

The role of a radio crew is to keep a check sheet to contact me ASAP on 01460 61224 or e-mail  I will do my best to contact the organisers and get you a place for the event. 


If you know anyone who would like to learn Rally radio please contact us on the above details and we will try to organise to meet up and show them what is involved.

If you have found an event you are interested in, that’s not on the list, also please let me know.   





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