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BMWS X2.jpg

Two BMW`S Owned by 
Mark Blackburn

1980 Triumph Owned by
   Howard Earl



2018 Alpine Owned by 
Nigel Edwards

Treasure Hunt 2017 Audrey.jpg

1967 Sunbeam Rapier Series V
Owned  by Hugh Mackey



1935 Standard Nine
Owned by Ian Wernham


Aston Martin Vantage
Owned by Stephen Forse


2015 Mini Cooper S Owned
by Nigel Edwards

Owned by Colin Gosney

1963 Austin Westminster
Owned by Pete & Sue Cockrem

 1972 Vanden Plas
Owned by Graham & Linda Dewar

 Owned by Merv & Liz Dawe

 Owned by Colin Gosney

1970 MGB
Owned by Steve Selby



 2012 Mini

1963 Morris Mini
Owned by Keith Bastable

1973 Alfa Romeo
Owned by Bob Owen


1973 Alfa Romeo Owned by
Howard Earl

Ford Zodiac on a Sunday.jpg

1964 Zodiac Owned by
Eric & Di Howes


1973 MGB GT V8 Owned
Jeremy Veale

 1973 MG Owned by 
Alan & Sharon Miller

1957 MG Magnette Owned 
By John Kirby

1963 Jaguar Owned by 
John Kirby


1964 Morris Owned by
Jenny Brooks

1970 Austin Owned by
Maria Casely

1972 MG Owned by
Paul & Carol Vallis


1991 Mini Cooper Owned By
David Jupp

1965 Morris Owned By
Rod & Evelyn Coleman

1973 MG Owned by 
Stan & Anne Morris

1958 Austin Owned by
Colin Gosney

1936 Austin Owned by
Eric & Di Howes


1979 Aston Martin Owned by
John Gardner

2006 Porsche Owned by 
John Gardner

2008 Saab Owned by
John Gardner

1979 Ford Escort Owned by
Roger Lucas

1978 Ford Escort Owned by
Roger Lucas

1975 Ford Escort Owned by
Roger Lucas

1985 Rover Owned by
Mike & Heather  Caplen

1967 Triumph TR4A Owned by
Mike Bennett

1972 Lancia Fulvia Owned by
Ian Conway

1937 DKW F7 Owned by
Ian Conway

1956 Austin Healey 100 Owned 
by Bruce Lockhart


1971 Corvette Stingray Owned by
Ian Maidment & Bob Tripp

1978 TVR Owned by
Chris & Trudy Ridgers

2000 TVR  Owned by
Chris & Trudy Ridgers

1986 Mercedes 300 SL
Owned by Paul Benson

2005 Mercedes SLK 350
Owned by Paul Benson

2002 MG Owned by
Carol Vallis

2003 Subaru Forester Owned
by Jeremy Veale

Owned by Allan Robinson

2004 MGTF Owned by 
Andrew Murdoch

1980 Robin Reliant Owned by
Mrs Eric Stone


1935 20?25 Rolls Royce Owned by
      Gary Wragg

1967 Triumph Owned by
  Sandy Spicer

 1963 MGA Owned by
Bill Train

1933 Austin 10 Van Owned by
John House

Riley at red house_edited.jpg

1952 Riley RMB Saloon Owned by
John House


1976 Reliant Scimitar Owned by
    Brian Jones

BRIAN JONES 01_edited.jpg

2004 MG ZT Owned by
Brian Jones

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